Where Do Dreams Go?

Along the way the path changes, stops are made, and sometimes the back roads are taken.

But what happens to the ‘wants’ when the ‘needs’ take over?

Where do they go?

It’s the pulling up to the house when memories of endless freedom come flooding in.

It’s the intensity of the beat that overwhelms the moment.

It’s the stroke of a letter on a piece of paper that reminds you of the dreams.

But what happens to them when you’ve woken up?

Where do they go?

It’s the long drives to nowhere that have to end.

It’s the responsibilities of the now that take over.

It’s the you that you don’t recognize in the mirror.

So tell me…

Can you still reach for them as you pull up to the house?

Can you listen for them while the beat carries on?

Can you write the life you want to live?

They can’t possibly be lost forever. It just can’t be. It can’t.

Let’s bring them along for the ride.

Let’s include them in the next chapter.

Let’s write it all down.

Because otherwise…

Where do dreams go?


Where Do Dreams Go?