these last couple weeks


I’m told about two more weeks until the arrival of my son. It’s pretty incredible that I’ve been carrying him around for the last 9 months. It seems like forever ago since this amazing journey began. And it has truly been amazing, until last week.
Let me be honest, I feel like I’m walking around with a permanent stick up my ass. When people ask me how I’m doing, I smile and say I’m great! I mean, I’m not horrible, and I’m sure it could be worse. But for the first time in 9 months, I actually FEEL pregnant. The feeling of, “is this going to go on forever”, has started to sink in.
I know that once labor hits and he’s here, these last few weeks will be a blur. So I’m taking it in stride. Trying to anyway : )
As of Sunday, I will finally have graduated college. I look forward to spending the last few days as one person, and daydreaming about my life together with my little man.
I’m ready (Almost) to meet you. I hope you like it here!

2 more weeks to go!
I love you,
Your mama xoxo

these last couple weeks

thank you


I had the most amazing day to celebrate the arrival of my little man. The support and love from all of my friends and family was overwhelming. I definitely have one spoiled little man. He got so many wonderful gifts; from diapers, to books and CLOTHES…oh my goodness, the clothes! They are so adorable, and tiny, and he’s got so many options! 

So I’m shouting out an unofficial THANK YOU to everyone that came. Who know that 50+ plus people would come to show their love and support to me and my little man!? I am blessed. He is blessed. 

His little room is slowly coming together, and it’s all thanks to you. 

I will never forget that day – so thank you.

5 more weeks to go!

I love you,

your mama xo

thank you