I love the night before Braden comes home. I clean every nook and cranny (most of the time), and put his room back together as if it’s brand new again. Their is something so therapeutic about making sure everything is in its place. Tonight, as I was putting fresh and clean sheets on his bed, I found “Fluffy” hidden away inbetween the wall and his bed. I couldn’t help but laugh a little to myself because “Fluffy” is actually the infamous Snoopy.  

A few months ago we (Braden’s dad and I) took Braden to Knotts Spooky Farm. It was semi-miserable as it was most likely the hottest day of the year. We really tried to stay positive and make the most of it, but man… It was HOT!

To make up for the heat-infused day, I was determined to find Braden the perfect souvenir. I really wanted to get him the traditional looking stuffed Snoopy, but nothing looked right. They all looked too fluffy. I even said so to Chris, “The only ones they have are fluffy.” 
I ended up deciding on a mini Snoopy with a backpack… Because the backpack was adorable and the least fluffy-like. Off Braden went that night down to San Diego with dad and Snoopy in tow. 

I think Snoopy stayed down in San Diego for an extended period of time, because when he made his way back up North, I completely forgot about him! I took him out of Braden’s backpack and placed him on Bradens bed. 

Later that night Braden held Snoopy up to me and said,”Fluffy!” I said “no, his name is Snoopy.” He enthusiastically replied, “no mommy, this is Fluffy!” I let it go because sure, if you want to call him Fluffy, go ahead! 
The next time I saw Chris I mentioned to him how strange it was that Braden keeps calling Snoopy, Fluffy. Chris paused, looked at me with an almost deadpan face and said, “that’s your fault.” I was so confused.. What?! My fault?! How?! Chris continued, ” you said… ‘They were all Fluffy’, when you were deciding on which Snoopy to buy. He’s been calling him Fluffy ever since we left Knotts.”

I closed my eyes so tight and fell even more in love with my son. He was right. I did say that. You don’t even have to be directly talking to him and he picks up on everything you’re saying. It’s scary but amazing all at the same time. 

I know kids are always learning and growing and surprising you every day. But, I never anticipated my own son to be so smart and in tune with his surroundings. I hope we never lose this Fluffy. Fluffy holds the secret of who my son is, at this exact moment in his life. 

I love every ounce of you my sweet baby. 

Your mama xoxo




How are you mine? 

Every week I keep telling myself to write. To write it all down, before I forget. But somehow time creeps on me and then it’s run out. For now, I just have a few words I’d like to say.

My son is better than me. He really is. He’s the type of guy to notice when someone needs a hug. The first one to help out with his baby cousin, Graham. The person you could find in a room and he’d offer you a smile. He is forever loving (always wanting ago snuggle), happy (always ready for a tickle party) and he genuinely has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. 

I wish I could be more like him. I know that I’m not blessed enough to possess these qualities. But, I am aware that I want more for him. It’s hard work creating someone better than you, but it is so important to me. 

Every night when I tuck Braden into bed, we whisper to each other that we love each other and we’ll see each other when the sun wakes up. Lately, he’s been wanting to come into my bed in the middle of the night. I’ve been blaming it on the fact that it’s been so cold. But I think he just wants the snuggles… ☺️ To help him stay in his bed all night, I tell him when he hears Papa he can come in my room. But like clock-work at 4:30am I wake up to Braden saying.. “Papas awake now. Papas awake now.” 

I quickly run into his room, scoop him up and away we go back into my warm bed. We snuggle for 30 seconds before he knows that he has to sleep on his own pillow. 

I don’t know what it is lately, but he just want to sleep on top of me or in the crook of my arm. It could be the cold, or it could not be? I don’t really know. But, I do know that I want to make more of an effort to just let it be. I can see these snuggles slowly fading away, and I know that I will miss it so dearly. 

He’s so loving and I hope it stays forever. But what I hope for more, is that I learn to be more loving like him. 

Who knew you could strive to be more like your own kid?! 



How are you mine?