this little bump


Today I took my little guy to the beach for the first time. Well, the first time since he’s been moving and kicking around. The past couple days he has been moving nonstop. As much as I love it… I was curious to see if certain things would calm him down.
The beach. I think he felt the crashing of the waves, heard the sounds of the ocean, and enjoyed the sand between my toes. The whole time we were there, he didn’t make a single move. It’s so calming and peaceful. I think I’ll have to make more of an effort to go down there. He loves it, I can tell.
I can’t wait until he takes his first steps into the water, we build sandcastles, swim in the water, and he takes his first wave. Beach baby. I just know it. Gosh, I love him so much.

11 more weeks to go!

I love you (more and more each day),
Your mama xoxo

this little bump


I love writing your name. I find myself writing it on any stray piece of paper I can find. I know you’ll be here soon, but it still doesn’t seem real. Your name makes you real. An identity. I can’t wait to say your name to your face. I hope you like it!

I love you!!!!
Your mama xoxoxoxoxo


these little things and things

The crib has arrived. A new outfit. Dresser…any day now. All these little things and things for this little guy. It’s starting to become more and more real. But still so much to do. As much as this planning and thinking stresses me out…I just lay in bed, feel him, and I feel a little bit better. He won’t care what anything looks like, if it matches, where we got it, if it’s old or new. He’ll just be snuggled up in my arms. Content and happy. This little human boy will be here in about 12 weeks! I can’t wait until his little tiny fingers grasp onto my mine. Our little monkey.

12 more weeks to go!

I love you,

your mama xo

these little things and things