Goodnight Moon

Recently I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “is Braden sleeping through the night yet?”. No. But technically yes. TECHNICALLY “sleeping through the night” is babies sleeping 4-6 hours. So yes, Braden sleeps through the night. But according to my definition of “sleeping through the night” he is not. He wakes up twice… To eat. He doesn’t cry or fuss. Instead He likes to shove his whole fist down his throat as though that fist will feed him. Inevitably, he gags himself. Badly. In between the gagging and the noise of him tossing himself back and forth in search of food… I’m awake! How can I not feed him? So I do, twice a night.
He mostly sleeps through the whole thing, which must be nice for him. Why can’t I sleep too!? Oh wait, I did once… By accident. I woke up (2 hours later…) with Braden still in my arms in the nursing position. Oops? How is this kid sleeping better than I am at night?
I am extremely grateful that he doesn’t keep me up at night, screaming and crying for no reason. *Knock on wood*. But sometimes I have a hard time going back to sleep. I’m jealous as I look at Braden in his deep sleep… I want to be there too! Some nights I eventually fall back to sleep just in time for him to wake up. How lovely.
Sleep when the baby sleeps you say? Oh right! Let me just never do the dirty laundry that Braden has pooped or drooled on, or the dirty dishes that are piling up in the sink. But It’s surprising how much sleep I don’t need, in order to function throughout the day! We moms must have some extra energy embedded in us that comes when the baby comes. Just when I think I can’t wake up, or need a nap… I do get up, or don’t take that nap. Things must get done and I realize I’m not so tired after all.
Braden won’t always be this small, so those days he won’t nap on his own I’ll gladly lay with him while he sleeps. I know he won’t be asking me to do that when he’s older. And it’s nice to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile. He’s already grown so much. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment, so don’t mind the dark circles under my eyes.

I love you,
Your mama

12 weeks old!










Goodnight Moon