Happy Birthday

I have a one year old. Wow, that really is hard to say. Where did this year go? It’s true what they say, time goes by so (too) fast. I feel like I blinked and my baby turned into a toddler. Am I allowed to say I think he’s the smartest and cutest kid alive? Okay, maybe not the smartest  and cutest kid alive…but he’s definitely special to me.

I have genuinely enjoyed watching Braden blossom from a tiny newborn to a peanut of a toddler. He’s still on the small side, but his huge smile makes up for it. Yes, he still smiles ALL the time! It kind of helps that he is a huge flirt, and a ham. I have no idea where he gets that from ;).

Watching the little “isms” of his is really a feeling I can’t even describe. For instance, today, his wide blue eyes witnessed a train passing by for the first time. His mouth literally dropped, eyes moving back and forth as fast as they could go. He was completely infatuated, and probably could have watched the trains go by all afternoon. His little wave of ” bye bye” completed the scene. Speaking of his wave, it has evolved from a somewhat of a fist pump, to a flap of the wrist – the fingers trailing along. It is ridiculously cute.

He’s got 4 1/2 teeth, a love for spitting, splashing water and pressing any button you’ll allow him to. Not to mention, set him down with a “task” of sorting and organizing, he’ll be in heaven for at least 20 minutes. One of his favorite things is to move his clothes into piles, rearrange them, and then put them into different piles. It cracks me up!

We celebrated Braden’s birthday in style! We started off the day having breakfast at RJ’s Cafe. Braden got to enjoy a short stack all to himself! Then while he took his morning nap in the car, I drove down to meet his dad at the San Diego Zoo! What a great day! We got to see, Koala’s, Giraffes, Flamingos, Elephants, a Rhino, Polar Bears, Pelicans, Gorillas, and Fish.  I think the fish were his favorite since he got to be up close and personal with them.

The next day we had his birthday party with family and friends – Thomas the Train themed of course! There was a trackless train that came to give us all a ride. It was awesome and hilarious. I wish every birthday party could be like that. The party went by in a blur, but it was really fun watching Braden play with his friends, enjoy his cake and ride the train. Is it too early to start planning next years birthday?

The month to month milestones have come to an end. It’s bittersweet to end that chapter in Braden’s life, but I am really looking forward on what’s to come – walking and talking to name a couple!

Braden, I love you so much more each and every day. It warms my heart that you still love to be snuggled, and kissed. The way you crawl up my lap for a big hug, is the sweetest thing I’ll ever know. Please don’t ever stop – your hugs will be forever welcomed.

I love you my butternut squash 😉




Happy Birthday