the mom guilt

I’ve heard of it, but I didn’t think it was actually true. Alas, I caught a case of the mom guilt. Everything makes me feel guilty. I go to bed at night thinking about how I need to be better the next day.
If I’m on my phone too much. Guilt. If I leave him to go work out. Guilt. If I don’t play with him enough, hug him enough, love him enough. Guilt Guilt Guilt! Ahhh! I’m leaving him for 2 whole nights in October and I’m already feeling guilty. This is getting out of hand!
It’s so important to have my own identity, but I struggle with the balancing act. I know he’s not going to look back at this time and shake his finger at me for not doing better. And I know he needs to have moments without me, spending quality time with Dad, Grammy, Aunts and etc. I just didn’t think the mommy guilt would get a hold of me.
I daydream of the days I can get back to work, being creative and satisfying my artistic needs. But I know he needs me, and I need him! So then I feel guilty for even thinking for a second of not taking care of him every day.
When does the guilt go away?? Maybe tomorrow or maybe never! I just know that I can’t let this guilt over minuscule things take over. It is going to get me nowhere. I need to learn to accept the best that I am giving him, is truly my best. And to be honest, I’m glad I feel guilty from time to time. I just have so much love for him. And that is something I will NEVER feel guilty for!

I love you!!
Your mama xo

8 weeks old!






the mom guilt

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