my chin tickles when you sleep

24 inches long. Just enough space to lay on my tummy. How much longer do I have? These simple moments are my everything. When else will I get the chance to look at you so closely and peacefully? Your little legs still curl up as if you are in the womb. Tiny, chubby arms attempt to wrap around me. The sweetest little eyes gently closed as you sleep. I love to look at your long eyelashes, blessed from your dad. How did you get so lucky!?
While you don’t take a pacifier, your bottom lip moves as if you do. Your perfect little nose makes me giggle when a little boogie hangs out from it. And while the tops of your hairs tickles the bottom of my chin… I am grateful for this memory I will have forever. Flinches from your baby dreams and big deep sighs. You’re a tiny little person, that I am proud to call my own. You are my son, forever and always. I will never forget these moments even as you grow. Thank you for loving me and trusting me. I look forward to every day with you.

I love you,
Your mama xo

10 weeks old!







my chin tickles when you sleep

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