2 months of milestones

Two months sure has flown by! But, at the same time it feels like Braden has been here forever. It’s incredible to watch him grow… And grow he sure does! He officially weighs 14lb 14oz, and in size 2 diapers.
He is such a chunky monkey that people don’t believe he’s only two months old. He’s getting so heavy I’m scared to think about how much more he is going to weigh before be starts walking. I hope he learns to walk early. I don’t know if I can carry this chunker around!
It’s so rewarding to see him interacting with people and objects more. He is still the sweetest in the morning, looking at me with his baby blues. I listen to him coo and he listens to my weird animal noises. It’s fun to watch his eyes get all big when he hears a sound he hasn’t heard before. But that SMILE when he recognizes a sound just lights up his entire face. Nothing better than that.
He’s slowly starting to be interested in his toys. He can follow a rattle from left to right and right to left. Sometimes he’ll even recognize a voice and turn his head in that direction to see who it is. It’s amazing to watch him learn and adapt to this life. Everything is so new!
Unfortunately, new things means being scared sometimes! The past couple weeks he seems to get startled if something comes in his line of view too suddenly. Just now I went to pick him up from his crib, but I think my face came in too fast! I said, “hello Braden”. He jumped a little, paused, stuck out his lower lip and then started to cry. It is so cute, funny, and a little sad! I guess I have to be more gentle for my little scaredy cat.
Braden still loves tummy time and he’s ridiculously close to rolling over! I thought for sure he was over but he stopped halfway thru and then came back. Oh well. We’ll get there soon!
Can’t wait to see what he’s going to learn and do next!

I love you,
Your mama xo

2 months old!






2 months of milestones

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