It’s in the look

My little Braden got a diaper rash about a month ago. The doctor didn’t seem concerned. Told me to continue using the cream I had bought and all would be well. Unfortunately, the rash remained. I did some research and read that breastfed babies tend to have diaper rashes more frequently than bottle fed babies because they poop more. It made sense and I continued to use the cream. It wasn’t getting any worse and he didn’t seem to be bothered.
When I was giving Braden a bath a week later I noticed the rash further up the inside of his legs. I didn’t know if it had spread or if I just didn’t notice it before. And then I looked into his baby blue eyes. My heart melted. He was just looking at me with such love and trust. He trusted me to take the best care of him. I was heartbroken. I felt like I had done him wrong by letting this rash go on for so long.
I didn’t even finish giving him a bath. I got him out, dried him off, sat down and hugged him. I immediately started to cry thinking I was the worst mother in the world. How could I have done this!?
After some simple reassuring words of “it’s not your fault he’s always wet” from his dad, I did some more research on creams and diaper rashes.
There is so much knowledge to be learned out there when it comes to baby products. You really do need to read the ingredients and what your putting on babies skin.
In the end I switched creams and the rash is gone. But It’s amazing how one simple look from your baby can mean so much to you. I know I will continue to make mistakes, but I will sure try my hardest to never let him down. He’s my everything.

I love you,
Your mama xoxo

7 weeks old


It’s in the look

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