9 months of milestones

9 months. Almost a year. My little baby is slowly turning into a toddler. Things that meant so much, no longer hold the same; how much does he weigh, how many weeks is he? For the curious he’s 19lb 12oz, and I have no idea how many weeks he is.

We’ve had a fun month of eating good food (lemons included), train rides, picnics, gymboree classes, great-grandparent visits and a 30th birthday celebration. I feel blessed to share these moments with my son.

My inquisitive little nugget is so intrigued with the world around him. Passerby’s often exclaim how observant he is. Never missing a beat. Discovering the trash man was terrifying yet exciting! I hope he always stays this wide eyed – living as though everything is a miracle. Shouldn’t we all do the same?

Doing any sort of task within the house is a chore all on its own. Braden is determined to climb the stairs, head for the rocks in the fireplace, grasp the puppy food in the dog bowl, get into anything in the forbidden room, tear apart the toilet paper in the bathroom, splash in the spa, pull puppy tails, and open and shut any and all doors. By the end of the day I’ve never felt more exhausted. But I think that’s because I’ll do anything for a Braden giggle. Just the other day I must have run past him, back and forth 20 times. He thought it was the funniest thing. Or blanket rides around the downstairs. What a treat he thought that was! He gets such a thrill out of those simple pleasures.

Braden isn’t walking yet, just sidestepping along. He looks at me like I’m nuts when I try to get him to hold onto something and walk forward. I think he’s thinking, “umm, why don’t I just sit down and crawl? Way easier mama…” Which is fine by me! Less chasing after him … For now at least!

The babbling – ” talking ” is becoming more and more frequent. Baba, mama and duh duh are his favorite words to say. The more teeth he sprouts the better his vocabulary grows. It’s really exciting to watch him learn.

I still can’t believe almost a year has passed. But I think for now I’m going to relish in baby cuddles for as long as I can. I sure will miss them when they’re gone.

Stay sweet my precious boy!
I love you!!
Your mama

9 months of milestones

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