6 months of milestones (a little late)

This last month seems like it was the craziest month yet! I guess that’s what happens when it’s the holiday season. Where do I even begin?! I think what stands out the most is that Braden is becoming more and more mobile. He’s been sitting up like a pro for a couple months, but now he’s about a couple weeks shy of crawling. He tries to crawl – and he wants to crawl so badly. As soon as I sit him down, he will lunge so far forward to whatever object he wants to touch. He’ll get onto all fours and rock back and forth. After a short time he’ll slide down to his tummy. Up until just recently he would start to whine. He is not a fan of laying down. But a couple of days ago he has officially begun the attempt at an army crawl. If he really wants something he will slither and slide his way on over. As excited as I am that he has begun to be mobile Braden, I am slightly scared that I will be chasing him all over the place. Guess it’s time to baby proof!!!

IMG_3832 IMG_3848 IMG_3898 IMG_4066 IMG_4157

I took Braden to see Santa for the first time. He was very concerned about who this Santa person was – but he didn’t cry. The first time I took him, it was just the two of us. The second time, we went with the whole fam bam clan. He was sleeping right up until it was time for picture time, so he looks a little confused on where he is. But it’s a cute picture nonetheless.

IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4339 IMG_4338


Braden also helped Grammy trim the Christmas tree. He loved the lights! He kept wanting to pull at them, so I took it as an opportunity for a mini photo shoot.

He also took the big leap of pulling himself up! I always put him in the crib to play around when I’m cleaning and can’t give him my full attention. I know he’s safe in there, or so I thought… I took out the trash one day, and I came back to him standing in his crib! Not just standing…but literally trying to pull himself up even higher. I was so shocked – not expecting for him to do that already. Of course I had to take pictures and plenty of video. Then I had to lower the crib – twice. He’s a strong little fellow!! Watch out work – Braden is coming at you!!

IMG_3991 IMG_3993


We also went to his first Christmas Party! We got to spend it with the lovely ladies and babies that we met at Mommy and Me. It was so fun to see all of our babies growing up! Some are crawling, sitting up, eating solids, and sleeping through the night! Wow! Where did the time go?! I hope we all stay friends and get to watch our kids grow up together.

IMG_4249 IMG_4253 IMG_4264 IMG_4268 IMG_4272 IMG_4273


Braden took his first bath in the big peoples tub. I wasn’t planning on it, but he had no choice really. He had the biggest poop explosion of them all, and I just had to throw him in that tub. He was so fascinated with the faucet and the drain. And then he kept trying to crawl. It was a challenge that’s for sure. I think I’ll stick to giving him a bath in the kitchen sink, it’s a lot less work!!

Braden handled his 6 months shots like a pro! He let the pediatrician check him out without a single tear or whine. Of course, he let out a cry when the shots came. But as soon as I picked him up and sang a couple lines from his favorite song, he let out a smile to the nurse to let he know he wasn’t mad at her. It was really cute and sweet. He picked out a Christmas sticker for doing such a great job! But he was trying to eat it while he was in the car seat, so he was only allowed to look at it on the seat.

IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4335 IMG_4336



Braden is such a trooper when I take his monthly pictures. I know it’s a bit much, but now that I’ve started I can’t stop. This time he would NOT stop laughing at the balloons. He thought they were the funniest things in the world. It was really cute.

I’m SO proud of my little man! He’s slowed down on gaining weight so fast (thank goodness). He’s a healthy 19 lbs, but killing my arms. Let’s see what happens after he starts solids…

I’m not usually big on holidays, but I am really looking forward to his first Christmas! Ah! I can’t wait!

You make my heart so happy little buddy. I love you!

Your mama,





6 months of milestones (a little late)

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