My smiley little buddy : )

On the night before you turn 6 months old, I can’t help but be so proud of the little person you’re already becoming. What specifically comes to mind, is your genuine happiness and love towards people. I’ve never seen such a beautiful smile. So happy and welcoming to others around you. The other day I was putting you in your car seat. You were looking out the door with the biggest smile on your face. I was so curious to know what was making you smile so big! I looked over, and across the street was our neighbor. You noticed her all that way, and she brought you such joy. She of course, walked on over and exclaimed how happy you are. It filled MY heart with happiness. You ARE happy! Almost always! You show such kindness and warmth towards the people around you. I know you’re only 6 months old, but it’s true.
As I sit here and reminisce about the past 6 months, I think about what I want for your future. Mostly, I want to you to stay this way; happy, joyful, open, and kind. You truly are a blessing to me, and deserve the whole world my little buddy. Thank you for always waking up with a smile and trusting me with your world. I promise to always be here for you, protect you, and guide you. I will do my best to ensure you stay as joyful as you are.
I love you!!!!!
Your mama xoxo






My smiley little buddy : )

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