3 months of milestones

90 or so days ago Braden was placed into my arms, snuggly and sleepy. Today, I think just his torso fits across my stomach, legs dangling off to the side. If he falls asleep in my arms, my arm most likely will fall asleep too. How did my son grow so fast!? In size 3 diapers already and size 6 months in clothes I forget he’s still a baby. He looks like he’s ready to sit up and crawl.
Actually. the other day I sat him against a pillow on the bed while I put on my clothes. He likes to sit up and see things so it’s the best place for him when I’m changing. As I was finishing, he leaned forward and sat all on his own! It lasted for about 10 seconds before he slowly started to continue falling forward. I can’t believe how strong he is.
He’s enjoying tummy time a lot more, smiling and giggling from time to time. He’s stopped trying to roll over. I think he’s just enjoying the new view.
To my surprise though he has rolled from his back to his stomach a few times. He crunches his legs up to his chest then rolls on over. Only on the left side. Will he be a lefty!?
He found his hands a while back, but my goodness does he REALLY like to suck on them. It’s been a great source of soothing for him. I’ve noticed a few times in the car he’ll sooth himself to sleep with his hands. He can’t remember to do it every time but he’s getting there. The left hand is his favorite but he gives the right one a turn here and there!
I read him his first book, of which he loved. So now we’ve added a bedtime story to our nightly routine. I love the way his eyes light up.
I introduced him to some football. He pretty much loves anything on TV at this point. But I know my dad can’t wait for the day to share his love for football with Braden.
His hair is longer, hands and feet bigger, eyes bluer and smile cuter.
His curiosity about his surroundings is so adorable. I love looking at the world through his eyes. Everything is brand new.
While he still wakes up twice a night to eat, I truly don’t mind.
It’s the explosive poops and pees in the sheets that I could do without. I’m hoping the bigger diaper size will help. My 16 pound baby is a growing boy!
Our mommy and me class is coming to a close, and I’m a little nervous to be on our own with no class to help guide us. But I have faith in my mommy intuition to carry us on.
I love him more and more each day. I never knew I had this much love in my heart. And I’m sure it will only continue to grow.
I love you,
Your mama! Xoxoxoxoxo











3 months of milestones

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