these little legs

It’s amazing that as more time goes on, I feel like time is going backwards. Time has gone by so quickly, but I still feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever. I know I have a real tiny little human being growing inside of me… But I think I’m in denial!
His movements are more pronounced, I can literally see my whole stomach shaking when he moves. It’s a crazy thing to experience. But, It wasn’t until his dad was trying to determine what body part was what, that I freaked out a little. Wait, you’re telling me this baby has a head and arms and legs!? When I think about it like that… It does not seem ok that this is happening. I don’t like to think, oh that’s his head in my ribs and etc. It’s too bizarre for my brain to process.
He must be so tiny in there. I feel I’m running out of room for him to grow! I just can’t wait to hold him. Hurry up little guy! (Well, kinda)

7 more weeks to go!
I love you,
Your mama xoxoxoxoxo

these little legs

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