Single Digits


I can’t believe I’ve finally made it to the single digits. Time has gone by so fast. I can remember sitting in bed and feeling his little kicks for the first time. Now they are just apart of my every day. I love them so much, I wonder if I will miss them when he’s no longer in there…
Today, I am conquering the task of washing his little clothes and putting them away. Right now they are spread out over a chair next to me bed. I love waking up in the morning, turning over and looking at his little things. It makes me a little sad thinking about putting them away. But it must be done!
Presents for my little monkey are starting to arrive! I can’t believe the time has come! I feel so blessed and honored to be his mama. Can’t wait to hold him. I hope I’ll be able to put him down.

9 more weeks to go! (Ahhh!)
I love you,
Your mama xoxoxoxoxo

Single Digits

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