this little guy


Boy. I still can’t believe there is a little boy growing inside of me. Incredible. It seems like the most unnatural thing to be happening, and yet it is the most natural experience a woman can have. I am SO overjoyed to be having a boy. It’s funny, because I just assumed I would want to have a girl. Mostly because I am a girl, and I know how to be a girl. But the moment I found out I was having a boy, it was like any thoughts of having a girl vanished. I’ve never been so excited to meet anyone in my life. I can’t wait for soccer games, surf contests, drums blaring, guitars strumming, first dates, first kisses ( i’ll never hear about i’m sure), skinned knees, ripped jeans, stained clothes, jumping off couches, rough hugs and those little dirty hands. His tiny fingers laced with mine. Cheers to boys! I’m ready!


17 weeks to go.


I love you,


your mamma

this little guy

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