these little kicks


At 19 weeks I finally felt the first kick of my little guy. I was sitting in bed watching football – the Denver Broncos lost to the Ravens. It was a great game…even though they lost. I think my little guy was just as upset as me, he kicked in frustration. It was amazing.

I had been waiting (patiently?) to feel a little kick. I was starting to get worried that I would never feel it. Then it happened. They haven’t stopped since. If I’m moving, he generally is still, or if I play music for him. He loves music. I love music. So it works out.

I’m always torn between feeling him kick around, or laying still – headphones on my stomach so he can listen to bands that will one day be his “all time favorite”. I can’t wait until he’s here. He brings me so much joy and I haven’t even met him yet. Rock on little guy.


18 weeks to go.


i love you,

your mamma.

these little kicks

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