7 months (and some change) of milestones!

I ran into a friend a little while back, and she asked how Braden was doing. I told her he was amazing (of course). She then asked me how it was to raise a baby – but before I could respond she said, well actually it’s more like he’s raising himself. This comment really stuck with me. She is absolutely correct. He is raising himself. He’s teaching himself how to crawl, pull himself up, and stand on his own two feet. I am merely there for words of wisdom, kind encouragement and  loving guidance. I parent him, but I think it’s equally important to let him learn on his own. Of course, I am there for the falls, tears, hugs and kisses. But watching him learn to challenge himself to become mobile has been such a special treat.

I wasn’t expecting him to crawl at 6 months, but he was ready. Not long after crawling (on Christmas Eve!) he quickly pulled himself up and loves to stand! His favorite place to pull up is on the wine the cabinet. I think it’s because it’s glass; he can see in but also a reflection of himself or whoever is behind him. AND their is a bar he holds onto that he loves to gum on. It’s a great distraction when I am trying to cook!

IMG_4676 IMG_4680


IMG_4735 IMG_4736 IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4739


Braden is officially teething! The top and bottom 2 teeth are coming in strong. I have yet to see any break through the gums yet, but they are making their way. Whenever I ask Braden to show me his teeth – he just sticks out his tongue. He’s still in love with tongue.

IMG_4692 IMG_4713IMG_4720

Speaking of his tongue….he gives me kisses now! It’s more like a French kiss, and you may or may not be stuck with a hickey afterwards, but regardless – they are kisses. The sweetest kisses I will ever know.

IMG_4767 IMG_4770 IMG_4926

He was able to move up a level in Gymboree. I was so glad since he is just a mobile monster! He really enjoys playing with everything each week. His favorite is to climb up the cheese mat, crawl through the tunnel, listen to his teacher sing, and watch the tiny bubbles. I look forward to going every Thursday.

I am terrified that he may be walking at 9 months. What will I do?! I guess I will just have to wait and see. Such a strong and smart boy I have. But I am so grateful for every day. It’s a true joy to watch him grow and be more independent.

I love you so much my little cuddler. I look forward to your snuggles every day. What a love bucket you are.

DSC_0118 DSC_0119 DSC_0120

your mama xox

7 months (and some change) of milestones!

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