i sleep on the couch because i’m a mom now

For as long as I can remember I have always been a snob about my sleeping arrangements. Going on family vacations was always a nightmare because I had to share a bed with my sister. She breathed too loudly and I guess I kicked her in my sleep. As I got older, nobody would share a bed with me and I have never been fan of staying the night at a friends house. I am partial to my clean and perfect bed. Today, most people know that my bed is called a “hotel bed” and I don’t like to share it with anyone. I am obsessed.

I haven’t slept in my “hotel bed” in three weeks. And I don’t miss it one bit.

I sleep on the couch with my son, in his room. I also sleep on my back. I hate sleeping on my back. But I love my son, so I sleep on my back. He sleeps on my chest or as of more recently, he likes to sleep on his back on my lap. I love sleeping with him. On the nights that he sleeps on his own I don’t sleep as good. I am sure he sleeps just as good both ways.

I know my  bed is open, and I could easily take him in my bed with me. But it’s so much easier to just be in his room with everything that he needs. He’s a really good sleeper, and I am afraid that in my comfy “hotel bed” I won’t wake up to him when he needs me. So the couch it is.

I have heard both pros and cons about co-sleeping, and to tell you the truth I am taking a little bit of advice from both sides. I guess for me personally, once he’s a little bit more older I will feel more comfortable letting him sleep on his own every night. Plus I know one day he will not want to cuddle with me, so I am taking full advantage.

I love that every morning I wake up to him staring at me to wake up. He never cries…just seems as though he’s waiting for me to open my eyes. I change him. We snuggle back on the couch, and we sing songs. Well, mostly I do the singing while he stares at me like I’m crazy. I give him lots of kisses and tell him how much I love him. I feed him and sometimes he lets me take a shower. He talks to me when I’m in the shower, and I try to answer all of his questions. Some days we take a nap right away, other days he’s ready for the day, and occasionally he’s a little cranky. These are my favorite times of the day (that and bedtime). We’re still learning how our days are going to go, but I know I can always rely on our special mornings together. And that is why I sleep on the couch, because I’m not just any mom. I’m his mom.

I love you Braden Christopher,

your mama xo

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i sleep on the couch because i’m a mom now

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